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Is it true that grab cibubur is the Center of Grab?

In this debate, we will clarify the question of whether it is true that grab cibubur is the centre of Grab? In the midst of a pandemic like now, many people are forced to take out businesses. So if you join as a grab driver it can be an alternative to earning income.

In addition, online motor taxis themselves have become one of the everyday lifestyles of metropolitan communities such as the Jabodetabek area. The fee obtained by becoming an “ojol”, as they call it online motor taxis, is also very decent for meeting daily needs. So it’s not surprising that many are seeking information about whether grab  cibubur’s office is really the GrabOv center.

This is because the registration and test of potential drivers who will become partners is carried out at the Cibubur grab office, especially for those who will register as motor taxis. Future drivers should make different requirements in advance before visiting the office. However, according to the information, you need to register online to determine availability or registration quota.

For more details, for those who want to visit the office with a view to registering or otherwise, know the correct address of the office. As to whether Grab Cibubur is really the center of Grab, it’s not. Let’s check the real address of Grab’s headquarters.

Is it true that grab cibubur is the Center of Grab?

It is true that the grab office, located in the Cibubur area, East Jakarta is an office as a place to register for potential partners or drivers. Many believe the office is a grab centre in Indonesia. But apparently, the grabber office in the Cibubur area is only used as a registration spot, not a seat.

Many people think that Grab Cibubur’s office is not only for registration, but also to receive complaints from the service and others related to Grab. In fact, office activities only serve to register and test potential drivers.

So where is the headquarters in Indonesia? The location of the headquarters is at Jl. Bendungan Hilir No. 114A, RT 13 / RW 6, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang District, Central Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta. For its operating hours, this office is open daily from 08:00 to 17:00.

Lokacija urada Cibubur East Jakarta

The answer to the question, is The Grab Cibubur office really the centre of Grab, where is the location of the grab  office in the Cibubur area of east Jakarta? For those who intend to register to become a grabbing partner or driver, they can go to the office located in Cibubur Jaktim.

The address is at Jl. Jamboree No. 1 Cibubur East Jakarta in the Wiladatika Park area. You do not have to pay an entry ticket to Wiladatika Park if you visit for registration and testing. For its own perasional clock, the Grab Office in Cibubur is open daily from 08:00 to 16:00 WIB.

Before you reach a location, make sure you’re looking for ancestors first. For simplicity you can use Google Map with the keyword Taman Wiladatika East Jakarta. Because for those who are not residents of Jakarta, it may be difficult to find the location of this office.

Register online before you go to Grab Cibubur Office

Before you visit the Grab Office location in Cibubur, you must register online. The aim is to identify and obtain a registration quota. Normally, for those who have not registered online, they cannot get services if the quota for that day is full.

To register online is also quite easy, contact the contact centre via 021 80-648-777 to get the quota, as well as information about the requirements to be brought to the office. After booking the quota, you will receive information about the day, together with the scheduled hours  arriving at the location.

As one of the largest online motor taxi companies in Indonesia, it’s no wonder there are as many who want to join as drivers. Recently, the driver quota is often full and has to wait for days or even weeks.

Activities served in the Cibubur Office grab

The answer to the question of whether  the office of Grab Cibubur center Grab is very clear to the office in Google’s Cibubur as the central office. There are only the following services that will serve in  the Grab Cibubur office, including:

  1. Registration

As already explained, thist4  is used  as a  registr aces for future motor drivers and not for car drivers. For car registration, it is not served at grab cibubur’ office.

  1. Abort Appeal

Supend is given to drivers who break rules or regulations so they can’t work as normal because the account is blocked. You can complain about the problem of breaking into this office, which will later be withered to reuse the account.

  1. Complaints on account

This office also serves problems with account complaints, such as when your account is locked, frozen, or other account-related problems. You also don’t need to get account-related services in the waiting list.

  1. Driver candidate test

Future drivers shall also carry out a series of tests, including a safety riding test to test the vehicle’s driving capability. If this test drive fails , you will not automatically become the driver on the grab.

  1. Retrieving attributes

Graduation notices as an online motto hacking on the grab are made on the same day or on another day. If you’ve already passed, you can get attributes in the same office.

Again, the fact that the Grab Cibubur office is the center of Graba is not true. So only those services, as mentioned above, are served in the Grab Cibubur office. So for grab service users who want to complain about other things, they can visit the headquarters.

Documents to be brought when visiting the grab office

To register as a partner, you need to bring some documents when you visit the grab office in Cibubur, East Jakarta. Some of the documents concerned include:

  1. Photocopy of identity. Such as KTP and KK, which must subsequently be submitted in the form of photocopies.
  2. Stnk photocopy. Future drivers must also collect a photocopy of the vehicle’s stnk, which will be used in operation at a later date. The registration plate must also be the same between the registration plate on the engine and registered, otherwise your account will be
  3. Physically healthy. Attach a health certificate as proof that you are spiritually and physically in good health to become an ojol driver. For future drivers aged 55, grabbing is the maximum age requirement.
  4. SIM C. Future drivers must already have a driving licence as the main requirement for registration at the grabbing office.

For those who plan to register and visit grab cibubur’s office, make sure you bring some important documents above. You can check other information through an official website you are not blinded by people who provide  false information.

Now you know the answer, is grab cibubur really the center of Grab, right? We hope that the reasoning of the fact  that grab cibubur’s office is the Grab Center above is useful for readers, especially for those who intend to register as a  partner.

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