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How to shop easily and connect with the JD.ID Call Center

In this article, we will discuss how to shop correctly and contact the JD.ID call center. JD.ID itself is one of the marketplaces whose mission is to bring joy, therefore, of course,  the happiness of consumers or customers is the main goal of this company.

The services provided are also very fast and practical, even with their own logistics fleet, which is supported by a network of partners throughout Indonesia. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, you can also perform operations as usual, as JD.ID remain committed to providing the best and conditional services.

So there is no need to worry, because there are already services, ranging from warehouses, couriers, drop points and ending with after-sales or after-sales sales. The company always takes various precautions so that the working environment and stocks of goods guarantee cleanliness.

This e-commerce has been operating since 2015 and continues to improve quality, as customer satisfaction is always a priority even because of all kinds of criticism, suggestions or complaints can be made through the call center JD.ID.   You can contact customer service via live chat, an email hotline to social media.

Connecting to CS JD.ID through the hotline

Shopping at JD.ID, you can get a lot of advantages over buying directly, because there are so many discounts that you can get. Tidak is just a discount, but various attractive promotions are also waiting for kamu. For example, for example, payday promotions for replacing gadgets, beauty promotions, free full-time delivery, etc.

As a rule, people are lazy to shop online through e-commerce, because they do not recognize in detail how to shop. Sometimes people are also lazy, afraid to experience obstacles such as delays in delivery, goods that do not arrive at their destination, and others.

In fact, such a thing happens very rarely  , for example, in previous  discussions, when the e-commerce sector already has its own logistics rmada and a whole network of partners in Indonesia. Even if suddenly there are some complaints or problems, you can also contact customer service or call centers JD.ID.

For a two-way conversation via telephone communication, you can contact the service center at the phone number 1500 618 or you can also go by number 021 8062 7007. For the service of the hotline, you can contact him during working hours, from Monday  to Sunday from 06.00 to 22.00 WIB.

Contacting the CS JD.ID through the live chat service

There are many ways in which it is possible to contact the CS JD.ID, in addition to calls to the above number, you can also use the livechat service. You can even contact the service 24 hours from Monday to Sunday, which means that customer service can definitely be contacted at any time.

How to contact the call center JD.ID chat services is also very simple when you just need to open the main page of the JD.ID site, then look for assistance options. The help option is adjacent to or parallel to the check-in, login, or my order option, then you just need to click on the help option, then you will be automatically redirected to the customer service center.

Once on the customer service center page, you can choose a few more quick service options, for example, you want to request payment confirmation, and then just click on the payment confirmation option. Later, you will receive information about the payment confirmation or about it and other options, such as:

  1. Track order
  2. Post-sale application
  3. Cancel an order

There’s also a  search field where you can enter questions about services, such as payments or orders. When it comes to using the live chat feature, you can scroll through the customer service center page, you will find the live chat option at the bottom.

Once you have found the live chat option, just click on “chat with us” and later you can contact the cs JD.ID service directly through the chat. To use this support service, you must first log in, if you are a new user, you can register by filling out the form provided.

Contact cs JD.ID via WhatsApp, email and social media

In addition to using the live chat service, you can contact the call center JD.ID using the WhatsApp application. The method is the same as contacting the live chat service as the WhatsApp option corresponds to the live chat option. This method is simpler, you will be redirected directly to the WhatsApp application later.

  1. Click the main page of the JD.ID site
  2. Look for help options later when you’re redirected to the Customer Service Center page
  3. Scroll to the bottom
  4. Click on the WhatsApp option or start a conversation

When it comes to contacting cs or call center JD.ID email address, you can send a complaint to the Do not forget to fill in the subject of the e-mail, you can fill it in in a short sentence, and the content of the e-mail can be filled in with detailed information about the complaint. It is recommended to clarify complaints or criticisms and suggestions in a list format for clarity.

The last way to contact CS JD.ID is to access their social media accounts, starting with their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. You can make direct messages on Twitter @csjd_id, then you can @jdidcs DM on Instagram and Facebook Jdid.

If you want to contact the call center JD.ID through the social media accounts above, you can only access it during business hours, that is, from Monday to Friday, starting from 08.00 to 21.00 WIB. For Saturday and Sunday, it can be from 08.00 to 17.00 WIB.

How to shop JD.ID

In fact, shopping through this e-commerce is very simple when you only need to register if you do not have an account.  You need to create an account as a member JD.ID, then you can log into  the account and select the product you want to purchase.

Do not forget to read the full description of the product, including its conditions.  Do not forget  to specify the quantity of the product as well, then select the option regarding the color or size and click the Buy now button. Enter the delivery address of the goods or the full address kamu and select the payment method.

Shopping JD.ID  is very simple, so you  do not need to contact  the call center JD.ID, you just need to practice it. The main thing is to check the delivery address of the goods and make sure that the address is correct, then choose the method of payment.

JD.ID provides quite a variety of payment methods, namely online payment methods and COD, if possible, then click on the payment button.   When you choose an online payment method, you will be instructed to choose the type of payment available, and then simply click to pay.

Subsequently, information about the payment code will be provided along with the payment term after check-out. Do not forget to continue it until the order is ready for shipment. JD.ID also has products from abroad with two types of products, namely JD Global Regular and JD Global Fast Delivery.

For regular global JD delivery, it takes 15 to 30 business days, while for global fast delivery, CDs have a shorter estimated delivery time, which is the same as the delivery of domestic products. So you can choose for yourself which one is more effective, and if you have problems, you can contact the call center JD.ID.

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