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Acer Service Center, Providing Maximum Service to Users

Named after the Acer brand,  it  is now  very easy  to find Acer  service centres in all regions of Indonesia. This year,  acer’s own service centre  stores have spread to 34 provinces in  Indonesia, with 104 locations in 84 different cities.

This is so that users  from  across the region can  access services from Acer. We are ready to offer the best service  to  loyal customers.   Having  been created since 1976 it makes Acer  a  trusted brand and of course popular with the public.

Offering quality products for different budgets. Ranging from  standard  specifications to laptops for gaming quality and design despite being available under the Acer brand.   You can easily get these products  through official Acer stores available throughout Indonesia.

But with pandemics and social restrictions in most of Indonesia.    Our  party continues to be willing to provide services to customers  through long-distance service.   This is to maintain health protocols and  of course  to comfort the hearts of our customers.

Acer Service Center serving long distances

Our services can be done remotely, either through a telephone centre or our other contacts.   With the work of a home program and  online  teaching  in schools now, Acer has also worked together to  support these activities  to ensure smooth activities.

It is  this collaboration  with parties that offer support to increase your productivity during home activities.   Support included as  the Home version of  the  package is pre-installed  by the Office  and  several  online learning packages have also been provided by Acer to improve the quality of education.   Even at home you have to  keep productivity.

This is what makes Acer’s service centre trying to provide services as above.   Although they have limited  access  during a pandemic like this, the quality of the work and the activities of the study should not be  reduced. We will also  provide  free delivery services for delivery of these packages so that they can support the home program.

If there’s trouble operating the package, don’t be afraid first.   Simply take  your smartphone or phone, and continue by contacting the Acer call center for  installation  procedures to use.   Home activities  continue to be productive only with Acer’s help  servedce.

Free delivery service is likely to be available in   some stores in major cities. Therefore, not all stores are likely to receive such services.  Peripheral cities are likely  not   currently available.   But we will still make  quality improvements  in this direction  for customer convenience.

The Acer Service Center is available in 34 states

As  mentioned above, Acer’s service centres are widespread throughout the archipelago.   With 104 seats  in 84 different cities in 34 states.   Therefore, you are most likely to   find a service centre in the nearest city.   Getting  the location is easy.

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You can search directly on the Google search engine  or you can also check on  the  official  Acer website. Where the information found on  our official website will have more current data. In some search engine results, sometimes there is old  information  .

Or information that hasn’t had time to update.  Take it easy if through  the official page,  of course, the information is accurate and up to date.   Of course, this will  ease your   service needs  or  simply  to consult. Our customer service  is ready to  offer the best service  for you.

With the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic,   of course,  our service centre will continue to maintain health protocols. For the convenience of consumers when visiting stores.  Consumers or customers are also required to  wear masks to maintain comfort among other customers.

In addition, the Acer service centre will implement  social distance by distancing from customers and officers. So there is no need to  worry about this, they are expected   to remind each other to maintain common health and prevent the spread of  19 Covid cases.

A 7-day Acer service centre

As well as  providing  convenience for customers who come to the store,  especially for  some service centres in certain places that offer services for 7 days.   Seven days  here that are planned on Sunday also remain open.   With  limited opening times on Sundays.

It is hoped  that customers who only have time  on  Sundays can visit our stores. Sundays are open from 10:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.   Although it is only found in major cities,  this is proof.

Evidence that Acer wants to provide maximum service to the customer. If on a weekday it  is usually 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.   By maintaining quality in service delivery, users are expected to receive the best service from our  Acer service centre officers.

We are also willing to take questions about the brand or complaints about  our products.  You can also do regular checks  for all  Acer brand information  update. For  the promos, the new products, for the events we have.   This will certainly  make Acer a reliable product.

Acer Service Centre website provides online tracking

Clearly, no one wants the goods they bought to be damaged and there is disruption.  But it doesn’t hurt to prepare an umbrella before it rains. So we give an official  guarantee for all our official  Acer products. To provide ease if  there are obstacles in the future.

To make a guarantee request,  just show proof of guarantee  such as the guarantee book, hologram  guarantee sticker  and   acer product purchase bill.   To obtain a guarantee you must be activated independently  .   It can now be done online via our guarantee department  page  in on  the registration sub-menu.

Then fill out the form with the correct data  so that  unnecessary things   don’t  happen  later. When it’s over, click show up and wait for the activation  process.  In addition  , you can also send an email by embezzling a proof of purchase and a guarantee card filled with accurate data in email

We as a brand known for its technology also  offer online tracking  for those of you who make services. Online tracking here aims to control the progress  of  your service. How to control it is easy and   fast. First  open the site then choose the auxiliary menu.

If a discount menu appears, choose tracking online services.   It will then open a new window, where you will be asked to  enter the serial number  or service number of  your device. If so, don’t forget to fill the available captcha correctly.

If you’ve clicked on the track, if the recorded  data is  right,  your progress  device  will appear. This is  to  give customers comfort and confidence  in our services, of course.   Acer’s service  centre  is tasked   with  serving customers to the fullest.