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The official Call Center Kredivo which provides accurate information

Official institutions or businesses must provide customer service such as Kredivo Call Centers.   This institution is highly recommended to anyone who needs funds quickly and easily. You can only apply for a loan and the process is not complicated.

It is interesting that this institution is registered with the OJK so it is guaranteed to safely pay your various installments.   Moreover, providing the best service is truly professional so it makes you more confident. There are many other advantages that  must be known compared to similar institutions before applying for a loan.

Especially from call center  services managed by professional and experienced administrators in their fields. Get clear, accurate, fast and reliable information from a single official source. So you will feel its various advantages that are very interesting to know further.

Kredivo as a loan service provider withmany advantages

As a large institution that has been popular among the public, it has so far been highly sought after and used.  Therewill also be services of the Call Center Kredivo so that information becomes clear and centralized one source. Many of the advantages it has brought to him are to get his place in the hearts of the people to help their finances.

  1. List of loans without payroll

Sometimes it is difficult for the self-employed and freelancers to get a loan because they do not have a paysimilar. If you’re one of them, you don’t have to worry because you can register for a loan without having to use payslip. The amount of earned income per month will affect what the credit limit is for you.

  1. The cheapest and lowest interest rates

It has been proven that Kredivo provides the cheapest or lowest interest rate on loans compared to other institutions. This is very profitable because installments become light even though the loan is in large quantities. Inquire in detail what is the amount of interest on the loan by contacting the Krediva Call Center service by  phone or official email.

  1. The fastest payout process

The number of marketing strategies on finding the fastest loan makes many people hesitate. You just need to use this service, which is guaranteed to be liquid quickly and easily. This is the advantage of being able  to get many people interested because they don’t waste time taking care of the payoff without feeling complicated.

The difference between an official Kredivo account and a fake account

Using Credible services, of course, you need to know everything including the official accounts you have. The goal is not to be fooled by the large number of people on behalf of Krediv by making loan offers. Although the goal is to seek profit and commit fraud , it is certainly very harmful to both Kredivo and its loyal customers.

  1. Order verification

Before using the Services call center Kredivo  , you should check whether the account is verified or not. All accounts belonging to this institution must be a blue tick or verified as evidence of an official warrant. If you receive a message from a Creditaccount that  is not checked blue  , you should ignore it because the source is not clear.

  1. The content is always automated.

Judging by the content presented, you can see if the account is genuine because it is always updated. Content is always updated in one day between 1-3x in clear, easy-to-understand and orderly order. If a fake account can be seen from the quality of the screen, it is randomly generated and updated a lot of content.

  1. Differences in payment

Please note that Kredivo never asks for interest when seeking any loan. If you receive a loan offer on behalf of Krediv and ask for payment, you should check the information. First , ask The Kredivo Call Center so you don’t get fooled, let alone search everything through the app.

  1. Loan offers

The original account never offered credit in person using social media via DM. The payout is also never directly on social networks but everyone uses the app. So if you’ve been offered a social media payment, it’s easier not to just believe in it without asking for more detailed information.

Information about Kradivo Official Call Center

The number of fake accounts using the name Kredivo is sometimes troubling because it leads to fraud. Such accounts usually provide a solution for people who want to get credit from social networks immediately. For this reason, it is important to know the official Call Center Kredivo in order to obtain clear and reliable information.

Creditable customer service or admin services never have account services on any social media. So if there are other institutions in the name of customer service, don’t believe it optionally.  You can officially contact customer service via phone number 080 – 715 – 733 – 58.

 Kredivo Call Center can also be called by sending an e-mail  to address and  make sure that you did not get the wrong address. You will be well versed so that you will receive an immediate response. Write down clearly what information, complaint or complaint you want to file and just wait for a response.

Various   social media that are officially  owned by Krediwa include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram writtenby the admin.

  1. Website :, &
  2. Facebook :
  3. Twitter :
  4. Instagram :

Apart from the e-mail address and call  center number officially explained above , there is no other. Through customer service, you can get information related to loans or other things. Clearly state the questions so that they are easy to understand and the answers you get according to the questions.

Advantages of contacting Kredivo customer service directly

Knowing the different advantages of directly using the Services of the Call Center Kredivo  is very important. Especially for those who like to use loan services in installments, either cash or online. Of the many advantages, there are 3 main ones if you decide to contact the official CS instead of seeking information from other sources.

  1. Make sure the information is correct or fraudulent.

You can see for yourself whether the information you are receiving is true or if it is just a scam of irresponsible people. For example, getting a notification from an unclear number if you get a loan payment from Credit. So contact CS immediately to make sure it’s indeed from Krediva or with a scam number.

  1. Gaining clarity in terms of credit

By using Credible money lending services, you need to find information as clearly as possible. Through the CS service, you can dig up information about loans in detail from official sources. So you can make decisions related to loans with more confidence and certainty due to the clarity of the information obtained about the loan.

  1. Minimizing the risk of fraud

Another advantage of contacting the official CS directly is that it can reduce the risk of fraud. This is a simple step that can help you avoid scams as well as large amounts of losses. There is no need to wait long as CS will immediately respond to the necessary information and help protect customers.

Customer service is deliberately provided by official institutions such as Kredivo to provide easy information. Given that there are currently a lot of scams by providing attractive offers on behalf of Krediv, this is certainly very worrying. It is enough to contact the official Call Center Kredivo to find various profitable benefits and reduce the risk of fraud.

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