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How to contact the User Contact Center

The Tropoca Communications Center is very helpful to consumers in solving various problems. Traviloca itself is the largest ticket-making site in Indonesia. It was the first site to offer such services. That’s why It’s been open since 2012.

At the time, there weren’t many Internet users in Indonesia. Indonesia’s 2013 consumer bombing spontaneously made The Tropica , which was established stronger than competitors established only after the incident with a full – length presence , has many customers in this provider .

Of course, not all customers are soft when taking tickets. There are some people who have difficulty normally, this is experienced by new users. When experiencing this problem, you must contact the Tourist Call Center . Contact ing it for yourself can be done as follows.

How to contact the Call Center in Traviloca

To call by phone, there is one number provided by Traveloka. The number 0804-1500-308 is open to the public. Therefore, all problems or questions related to the tour can be answered by this number.

You can also contact the Traveloca Contact Center at any time. Because the number is active for 24 hours, the CS is always ready to provide customer needs. Of course, The Touroka also matches the CS number during the night and day. This setting will make the CS number more than during the day.

In large number, you don’t wait in line for long periods of time when you call him during the day. When contacting the call center, make sure you have a sufficient amount of trust. At least, they have 20,000 ropees. That’s why this phone system will be given according to the provider you’re using.

You can also connect to it via the Landline if you want a cheaper price. However, if there is no trust or landline capital, e-mail contact can be made. Official e-mail from his tour of the address. When contacting an e-mail, the response will not be as fast as contacting the Traveloka Contact Center.

Because, it takes time for CS to understand your complaint and respond. To make things easier, it would be better if you asked the question in detail. However , CS will be easier to understand in cronology . But don’t contact the address when you have problems with the Saldoco balance.


You can also connect to it through social networks and chat directly

There are other ways if you’re not comfortable contacting the Traveloka Call Center using a phone or e-mail. The trick is to use social networks that are actually suitable for use by Indonesians considering what’s very popular to use. The first social media you’ve chosen on Twitter.

Twitter is the most popular social networking tool for connecting with Thoraoka. To connect via Twitter, first open the program and sign in first using your account. After you sign in, search for the official Account of The @traveloka. If found, you can use two media in connection.

The first medium is to use the reference feature. You can ask or complain and make a reference to @traveloka. However, this reference is very common in nature. For obstacles or problems that are more personal in nature, it is better to use direct messages.

A direct message or DM is a feature that can be used to be able to speak specifically to the tour. In fact, Gehtoka can also be contacted on Facebook and Instagram. The ID is also the same, @traveloka for Instagram and Tropica for Facebook. The way to contact  him is the same.

However, none of them will allow you to speak to you by referring. Customers can use DM for Instagram and FacebookSNR for Facebook. For the latest option,  the Chatoka Connection Center  can also be contacted directly by Chat. To sign in to the chat, first sign in to the official website.

From there, you can find a special column for a live chat. Wait a few moments for CS to be available to answer your questions. If available, questions will be answered quickly. This is just that, it takes time for CS to wait customers a little longer.

Requesting a ticket repayment can be through the call center

There are many services to choose from when contacting the Traveloca Connection Center. Therefore, CS is prepared to deal with a variety of problems faced by consumers. However, there is a connection center service rarely known to tourism users. The service will pay.

Repayment itself is a repayment request. This is important when the plane has been ticketed but wants to cancel because there is an emergency activity. The tour itself does not complicate the process. Not only after a flight ticket, but hotel tickets can  also be made with similar things. The payment process is not temporary.

If the process is carried out on hotels, it will take 30 days. For the flight itself, the payment process is a little longer. That’s why it takes 90 days to get paid. You will be asked a few questions when you call the Traveloka call centre to pay for it.

This question relates to personal data, bookdata, and reasons for wanting to repay. Don’t make mistakes when providing personal data and book data. That’s why the service call center won’t develop if there’s an error on both. It would be better if the data was already prepared before connecting to CS.

There’s a lot of trouble talking about.

In addition to making payments, there are a variety of questions that can be asked of CS. One of the most important questions relates to the state of a full ticket. There are some users who complain about the difficulty of setting a command when the time approaches. especially if the trip is on vacation.

Usually, tickets are already full. If there is a problem, you can contact the contact center on the problem  . Contacting it does not mean you will get a ticket to harm others. In this case, CS offers suggestions on the best location near the destination.

However, you can still reach the destination using the earth’s path when you arrive. Usually , CS suggests that the purpose is the person who is closer That’s why the price is a little cheaper. With that, he could cut the price of trips in large quantities.

Other problems such as confusion when apps’ tickets and errors can be reported. In essence, the best benefit is to have a call center. Do not allow the facilities that exist to be wasted because you are not using them. After all , the confusion that often annoys customers can be removed by contacting the Traveloca Communications Center

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