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Samsung’s most complete list of  service centers   throughout Indonesia

Samsung’s list of service centers throughout Indonesia must never be separated from the maintenance needs of electronic products. All Samsung electronic products  certainly have endurance for a certain period of time during the period of use.

In fact, the use of products with electronic machine systems is currently something that is needed by the community. Moreover, the presence of aka smartphones really helps different activities become more practical. Thanks to the smartphones that were represented among people, it seems to bring about many such big changes.

Given the important value of the presence of this type of mobile phone, it should be treated as quickly as possible. If there is damage, it definitely reduces your performance when you do certain daily activities. So you have to keep running all kinds of activities, fix your phone first.

Due to this, recommendations are needed to provide information related to the place of repair of the product. For those of you who want to replace spare parts, you can visit the nearest service outlet. Of course, Samsung’s next list of service centers throughout Indonesia can be used when looking for its location.

Special mobile phone stores to repair products around Jakarta

When a customer buys a mobile phone at his official company store, of course, all his products have a warranty period. This guarantee provides the brand for maintaining the quality of the products sold against damage. If there is a smartphone problem, of course, a guarantee can be given according to official evidence.

Everyone must also understand the existence of the official service site provided by the company. Moreover, samsung’s product name   is already at the top of the ranking when it comes to smart devices.

If you wish to use the warranty, please come to the official exit that is officially registered. For customers who are in the Jakarta area, of course, there are a few references to the location of the stores. There is a list  of  Samsung service centers throughout Indonesia specifically for the Jabodetabek area, according to the official website.

1 . Moll Ambassador

2 . Pacific place

  1. PGC Цилилитан
  2. ITC Tsempaca Mas
  3. Roxy.
  4. ITC Фатмавати
  5. Green Lake Sunter Shophouse
  6. Kelapa Gejding
  7. Manga Dua Square
  8. Pondock Indus

11 . Rukan Fantazi Jakbar

  1. Chengkareng
  2. Supermala Caravachi
  3. Serpong
  4. Depok City Square
  5. Mega Mol Bekasi
  6. Paјağaran Bogori.

Some of the references above can be used as a reference if you want to fix and maintain your smartphone immediately. This can be implemented by using a warranty that is still in the period of validity according to the purchase. So all the information above will be used as a guide for you when you are in the area.

Official repair site on Java Island outside Jakarta

Previously, Following     these references, everyone as a user of their mobile phone products can inhale relief.

  1. West Java: BEK Mall (Istana Bandung Electronic Center), Bandung, Siliwangi Tasikmalaya, Siledug Garut

2 . Central Java: Tegal, Purvokerto, Semarang, Simpang Lima, Yogyatronika, Kaliurang Yogyakarta, Solo Grand Mall

  1. East Java: Malang Plaza, VTC Suramaya, Hiteh Mol Suramaya, Plaza Marina Suramaya, Probolingo, Jamber

Based on the reference location, it can be understandd that almost every city has branches for smartphone service. Try searching the Internet to understand the information about the nearest service location. Perhaps the site is not included on Samsung’s official website  even though it is already working.

Still in the java island area, there is certainly a service place available from major cities. This means that there is no difficulty for you to get telephone maintenance using a warranty at the time of purchase. Although the guarantee expires, it is still served at a cost according to the level of damage.

From   Samsung’s list of service centers throughout Indonesia, you can see that the quality of its products is maintained. The company always makes the best effort for all customers to remain satisfied and loyal.

Complete list of official Samsung stores  outside Java

Continuing with a discussion that focused on the location of the stores, branches outside Java were also shown to exist. From now on, the leveling for receiving services has been expanded to obtain from all. Especially for people in the regions, they definitely want to get the best mobile phone service by ownership.

Concrete evidence of this is capable of being observed in relation to widely available repair services. There is a list  of  Samsung service centers throughout Indonesia for regions outside Java for integrated services.

  1. Bali: Denpasar Teuku Omar, Denpasar Mahendradata, Denpasar galeriјa Mobilen phone

2 . Lombok: Mataram West Nusa Tengara

3 . Sulawesi: Makasar MTC Karebosi, Makasar Petarani, Palu Basuki Rahmat, Kendri Saranani

4 . Kalimantan: Jos Sudarso Tarakan, Hasan Basri Samarindra, Sudirman Balikpapan, General Urip Pontianak, Ahmad Jani Banjarmasin, Tjilik Rivut Palangkaraja, Singkavang

  1. Sumatra: Bandar Lampung, Palembang Square Mall, East Palembang Ilir, Rafflesia Bengkulu, Jambi, Padang, Plaza Medan Fair, Plaza Medan Millennium, Gato Subroto Medan, Lung Bata Banda Aceh, Pangkal Pinang, Raden Pata Batam, Ruko Taman Gurindam Riau

Based on data from   Samsung’s list of service centers throughout Indonesia, almost on large islands, it is already available.

Types of Services Samsung Repair Centers Provide

Being a customer for Samsung products is of course the right choice because quality is best. Not only is the product superior, but the service should be your calculation.

Well, it’s not surprising if many people ask about which services will be received later. According to information from   Samsung’s list of service centers throughout Indonesia, you can use the warranty.

You should not spend money because you are still in a guarantee under the company’s guarantee. However, if you no longer have a guarantee, you can still do a service at a certain price. Starting with repair and replacement of screens, sensors, cameras, processors, speakers, microphones, etc.

All forms of service will be performed quickly and with maximum quality so that the phone can be reused. All the data in the smartphone is definitely secure and impossible to lose when repaired. In fact, many people tried for themselves what it was like to use the most complete service from Samsung.

In essence, all your needs for Samsung mobile phone products  can definitely be served at the nearest exit. Make sure to visit one of the lists above because it is recognizable by the official website    .

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