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Cara Install Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

Have you ever tried to contact Microsoft  ‘s License Volume Service Center ?  This is  usually  done  to solve a variety of problems with this product  .    Different types of accounts  are actually provided by this product , which all users feel comfortable using at work  .

One of the accounts that is usually needed   is  the VLSC  or better  known as  the Volume Licensing Service Center. When you create this account  for the  first time , the  VLSC  account can be set up  .   Later , you  will be asked to obtain an e-mail certificate to complete the account creation  .

How to  access software through the Microsoft License Service Center

Has it ever  crossed your  mind  to make software via VLSC  ?   As it seems , this is  not really something  that is impossible  to do .   Indeed ,   there are many people  who  have  experienced it . When you  have bought microsoftware , access to software can be done through the VLSC   .

In  order to access  the  software through the Microsoft License Service Center ,  the  following steps must be properly understood and reviewed  .

  1. Register an account through  VLSC

The first   and most important      step you     need to take is to register your account  with the VLSC .

  1. Register email in Microsoft

After registering the account  via VLSC  , you can now register  for e-mail  . This should  actually be done  and  for no reason .     Different emails may be  available , including if you are a user of Yahoo ! or a user of Gmail  .


  1. Visit the VLSC website

Step three , you need to  see the microsoft  license volume   service center on the  official website .  This done  over a long period of time  .  After entering the  website  , don’t  forget to  log in  with the Microsoft account you had already registered .

  1. Gönlug

After the  above  three steps  , you are doing it carefully and thoroughly    , the last step to do is  to download  the software .  This   can be done by clicking the download and key sections  . This  button  is located at the base of the  VLSC head  . The software list can be downloaded here  .   How about this , it ‘s easy , right ?

Benefits of Using Microsoft Volume License Service Center

Some people may not  know  what the VLSC product is. In any case , it  actually has its own benefits related to Microsoft  . This program , of course ,  has several different product lists that first appeared.   It  seems that many  people  are unknown .

The VLSC  program itself actually has a list or list compared to products in the product .   Here are examples  of  many  significant differences .

  1. Order

In fact , the Microsoft Volume License  Service Centre itself offers many different arrangements with some applications  . This is especially  true for  the proposed offices  .  You can see that the difference   is very good in the office area  .

  1. Server applications

Some of  the  different things that appear from  the VLSC  can also be seen from the server application and other applications used .   Applications  in the company  ‘s operations as well as progress in the software used  seem different .


In this  case , some  existing software can only be accessed  through a volume license  . This cannot be found in the version.  So anyone who wants to use it must officially  pass through the VLSC.

  1. renovating windows

Another interesting difference in  VLSC  is in  the area of windows elevation  .   Although this is  available in  Volume   Licensing  , it still does not fully provide an operating system license  .

Of some  differences that appear , it is believed that the products presented are clearly different from previous products  .   Products that  are sometimes published are not actually the same or different , although they both  come from Microsoft .

For example  ,  when  you want how many copies of Windows 8 you want in English , Microsoft will send only CD Room in English  .   You  will  not receive software to perform additional facilities in other languages such as French, Spanish, and other languages   .

Y ang softwareis available at the Microsoft License Service Center

Do you love  a family from  Microsoft  ? One of these important products offers a very interesting software to use .   Using this software ,   there are several benefits  that  you  will get later .   You will  receive  a certain number of licenses when installing the LN .

Some types of products obtained from the Microsoft Volume License Service Center are as follows  :

  1. Service Package

The first interesting software  you  get when using  VLSC  is a service package .   You will receive this new   product by fulfilling the selected needs  .   Generally , you must meet the requirements  to do so before downloading it  .

  1. Office Several

The upcoming  interesting software you  will also get  is language closed .    This version of the Windows office product protects  the right to request packages from several languages  .   This will  provide benefits for everyone  because it can use a variety of languages provided by Microsoft  .

  1. Get previous versions of products

Another benefit  that you  can   certainly  enjoy after using  VLSC  is that you can get copies of previous products  . This can be done through the site  .  Later , you will receive the previous version at the specific address  given .

Such benefits will certainly be obtained  by all users of the VLSC  . If you  are interested in getting it , first  do  the LLan  mango .

How to use downloads at the Microsoft License Service Center

As described earlier , this  product can actually be used  to download the required types of files  . Either way , do  you know   how to use results files  from the download via VLSC  ? If you  feel confused about using it ,  the following method  can be easily learned .

  1. Sovidena

Have you ever burned a CD ?   This is the same when  you burn files downloaded from VLSC  .   This software will then give burning orders . So you can  burn it first via CD or DVD before  you use it .

  1. Open ISO file

Another  way to do this is  to  open the file downloaded via ISO  . When  you  have software with zip areas  , then copy the file content to the first computer  .

  1. Remove from ISO file

The last way to do this  is  to install  the file from the ISO .   This  can be done if  you already have an ISO  file.   Later , you can  install files to access files that appear to be on the disk drive  .

Well , this product from VLSC  is  actually  now widely used .   You  can  start by taking the exact steps taken above .    Different  benefits can be achieved  by using VLSC products  .   So  , will you install  the Microsoft Volume License  Service Center ?

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