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AXA Mandiri Call Center free for 24 hours

As a financial service provider, the free AXA Mandiri 24-hour call center is  a special service offered. As is already known, insurance services are quite important financial services. Moreover, insurance is a service as a form of prevention if bad things happen in the future.

One of the insurance service providers is AXA Mandiri, a joint venture that has long been based in Indonesia. The company deals with the financial sector such as insurers and the like. It has thousands of branches and financial advisors that have spread widely in different cities.

Services in the form of a call center are a form of attention for each customer and potential customer. Of course, this service can be used for various purposes such as information about changing policy data and the like. Meanwhile, potential customers can use it to get information about terms and conditions before joining.

For that reason, the free call center service AXA Mandiri 24 hours a day is  very important. Customers who experience problems at certain times can get information from call center calls. That’s why it’s very important that customers and potential customers know the full details of call center calls, right?

AXA Mandiri Call Center Information

Of course, it is very important to  understand complete information about the free AXA Mandiri 24-hour free call center. This service is provided by the company to provide detailed information about the insurance world. You’ll get a variety of important information, especially if it’s your first time using insurance.

There will be information about the benefits when you use insurance, regardless of the type. Because in principle, insurance is a form of compensation against the right thing. In addition, you can get information about a customer’s obligations. Of course, you have to pay premiums later for insurance claims, right?

Information on how to claim insurance is also provided in full to meet your needs. Not infrequently, there are technical problems when you cannot file a claim against the insurance. It may be due to errors or the lack of certain documents. Here, the role of the call service will be the best solution.

Customers can call the service number 1500 803 life insurance. Customers can also call the call center at 1500 733 for non-life insurance. But keep in mind that this customer service can only be done on weekdays and working hours between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

24-hour call center service

Since general and mental customer service can only be done on weekdays, some people may be quite disappointed. But the fact is that you don’t have to worry about it. but of course there are other solutions for the AXA Mandiri 24-hour free call center through various alternatives.

Services in the form of Voice to live chat in the chat column on the website can be an alternative. This voice service can be accessed by calling (021) 3005 9999. Here later, you can get a special code, such as code 11 for service information about the unit price.

There are also other services or facilities for short messages or SMS via Indosat and Telkomsel providers. But when you use this facility, you must first top up your credit. This is because this short message charges for short messages and the amount varies depending on your provider.

Another 24-hour free AXA Mandiri call center service  that customers can use is live chat on the official website. Here you can directly ask questions about the problem being experienced. Then in a few seconds there will be an answer in the chat column as a solution to the problem.

There is also a special service for customers living in the Jabodetabek area called Quick Response. You can contact this service on working days and hours via the number (021) 3005 8788. Although it can only be contacted during working hours, but the presence ofnya is quite useful, isn’t it to solve the problem?

Free call center from AXA Mandiri

AXA Mandiri 24-hour free call center service  is offered so that every customer can get information anytime, anywhere. Of course, there are several types of important information, such as premium obligations for filing a claim. Especially for customers who have just taken advantage of AXA Mandiri insurance.

Actually, central calls are charged during working hours and this depends on the provider the customer has. There are two providers that have access to calls with AXA Mandiri, namely Indosat and Telkomsel. As a result, there are also many customers who are not too happy with the cost burden.

However, if you want to be free from the burden of credit costs, there are other solutions that can be used. One of them is to take advantage of the live chat facility on the official website. The live chat function on this website is often used to convey a question. Especially with regard to technical obstacles in filing claims.

There is also an information page in which there are already various reviews about technical problems related to insurance. There is various information about replacing policy data, claiming insurance and the like. So, customers can find the best solution by reading if there are any problems that are the same as the ones they are experiencing.

In addition, another form of AXA Mandiri 24-hour free call center that can be used is visiting the Care Corner. However, customers should visit the Care Corner, which is located in the Pertamina Central Hospital. Care Corner itself is a special service as a representative of AXA Mandiri.

AXA Mandiri Care Hoek service

The Care Corner facility can be used as an alternative to AXA Mandiri’s 24-hour free call centre. The location is in Jakarta, exactly is the Pertamina Central Hospital. In addition, customers can use Customer Care Telemarketing on the call number 1500 803 or send the e-mail provided.

Care Corner can be used to serve some of customers’ technical issues. The first is about claims services for some types of insurance. Customers should therefore pay attention to what claims are made on the insurance. Also, try to fill in the registration so that the process can be carried out immediately.

The second is about making claims for both express and regular claims. Because there are two types of claims, you should pay attention to a number of termsand conditions later on. There is usually a slight difference across both types of claims. Although basically some of the required documents and files are not too different.

While the third is a service for changing insurance policies. Not infrequently, customers want to request changes to insurance policy details for a variety of reasons. This is done so that there is data synchronization and facilitates claims later. Of course, you can also enjoy this facility by visiting the Care Corner.

Indeed, as a form and effort to make it easier for any customer, a call center in any form is needed. Calling 24 and neither paid nor paid, will certainly provide a solution to any technical problems. Therefore, this 24-hour AXA Mandiri call center service without credit will  be useful.

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